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Hey there I'm Cynthia,

Come on in! I just wanted to personally say hello and give you a warm virtual hug.

The picture you see here is probably blurry I know. I've been so busy with this community, I haven´t taken a new one. My developer wants me to update it, but helping people is most important to me.

Today, I'm no longer helping people in just South Florida anymore. We have a virtual army now.  So the good news is that right from the very spot you're sitting in we can connect, safely.

No matter where you are, location-wise or in your business growth stage, if you're in the notary and insurance industry you're in the right place. There's something for you to gain here. 

And yes, I'm still operating all of my other businesses everyday too.

If I can be successful in the notary and insurance industry you all can do it too!

Our network is doing very big things together this year.

Be Blessed & Stay Safe,


P.S. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call me. If I'm on the other line just leave me a message. Let's figure out what you want to do and what's possible over the next 60 days starting today. If I can't answer it, someone in our network can.

Cynthia Alexander, Founder & CEO

Office: 954-977-9905
Fax: 954-653-3860

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